Best Time for Annual Rye Grass

Annual rye grass germinates quickly and adds a lush look to any landscape during cool seasons, but many people aren’t sure how and when to plant rye grass. Newsom Seed, America’s top turf and seed provider, offers its clientele proven solutions for how to plant and manage rye grass seed in any location. If you would like to plant this type of grass in pastures, lawns or for use as turf, let the experts show you how to get the most out of your annual rye grass.

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Determining the Best Time for Annual Rye Grass

Unlike perennial rye grass, annual strains require replanting on a yearly basis. It’s important to factor in your location and weather conditions before making a decision about when to plant, but overall, the best time for planting is early in the fall or early in the spring. Due to its resistance to cooler temperatures, this strain of rye grass is ideal for extending feeding time for pastured animals as well as keeping lawns beautiful late into the fall. While less tolerant to excessive sun than perennial rye grass, annual strains can be a beautiful addition to any location when planted before or after the heat of summer becomes a factor.

Choose Newsom Seed for Superior Rye Grass Seed

Planting rye grass is a great way to over seed pastures or provide an attractive ground cover during cool temperatures. To learn more about how Newsom Seed can help you cultivate a beautiful lawn, contact one of our experts at 301-355-6366. Our operators are standing by to teach you how to plant and manage annual rye grass lawns and pastures.