Bulk Grass Seed Fertilizer Pesticides Mixes Wholesale

Newsom Seed located in Fulton, Maryland, with a satellite site in Gaithersburg, Maryland, supplies and ships bulk grass seed mixes, as well as other quality landscaping provisions. Our company will ship any of our fine products. For wholesale trade, farm use, state highway seeding and more, we only sell top-quality seed and all of our equipment and products are the best in the business.

Top-grade, wholesale grass seed mixes help create natural surroundings. We have bulk grass seed mixes for any type of setting, soil and climate. All of our seed is Oregon certified. Customers can be sure that all requirements for quality are met, but Newsom Seed goes a mile further. A representative of The Maryland Department of Agriculture samples the mixes and takes it to their laboratories for testing.

Newsom Seed is your source for wholesale fertilizer. Popular blends serve the needs of a wide range of landscapes. When seed germinating fertilizers are desired, mixes with pre-Emergent is recommended, and for mature grasses, post-Emergent fertilizer is ready for sale and shipment. We have various fertilizers and mixes to meet the more general soil challenges of numerous environments. Some two-in-one fertilizer mixes include pesticides.

Then, bulk pesticides for wholesale use or trade are also available. Newsom Seed supplies a full-range line of affordable, bulk pesticides for wholesale, both generic and available name brands. Actually, we guarantee the generic brand to be of a higher quality pesticide than any of the name brands.

Our company is the source for wholesale pesticides, bulk fertilizer for wholesale, and other landscaping products. We have the finest bulk grass seed mixes suited for any region of the country. Count on Newsom Seed for superior customer service and all bulk, wholesale items for trade and landscape environments. We will ship. Call Newsom Seed today.