Fertilizer Crabgrass Control

Spending time and money on your lawn only to watch crabgrass win the battle of the green? Crabgrass is a nasty little weed that prevents your lawn from looking it's best. Don’t worry there are certain things that you can do to prevent crabgrass from ruining your otherwise perfect yard. Newsom Seed, MD’s premier grass, seed and lawn product wholesaler, should be your first and only choice when looking for a fertilizer with crabgrass control.

Why Pick A Fertilizer With Crabgrass Control?

We offer fertilizer with crabgrass control conveniently added, making it a two in one solution for a common problem affecting lawns today. After listening to our clients express frustration over the limited, and expensive, selection of crabgrass neutralizers on the market, we decided to expand our selection of fertilizer with crabgrass control in order to better your wishes. A few reasons you should consider controlling crabgrass with fertilizer:

Picking a fertilizer that prevents this common weed can be overwhelming, which is why Newsom Seed is here to guide you and assist you in making the best choice for controlling Maryland’s unique crabgrass. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are here to guide you through the multitudes of fertilizer’s with crabgrass control available to choose from. The key is finding a fertilizer that not only promotes healthy normal grass growth, but also controls crabgrass growth.

We’ve been helping Maryland residents find and nurture their inner gardener for decades. Newsom Seed is the premier wholesale supplier of pesticides, grasses, seeds and fertilizer with crabgrass control. Our yard experts will listen to your goals, wishes, diagnose what’s preventing those from coming to fruition, then tailor a unique plan and products to get you there. Call 1-800-553-2719 today to get the lawn you’ve been lusting after!