Do you need Lime for your Lawn?

If you have never considered the use of lime for lawns, you might be missing out on important benefits for your turf. Lime and lime pellets help neutralize soil that is overly acidic resulting in green, lush grass, but if your lawn seems to be in fairly good shape, how do you know if you need lawn lime? The answer to this question is easier to determine than most people think, and Newsom Seed has everything you need to get started. From start to finish, our resources can help you test the PH of your soil for acid and recommend a course of action if you detect a negative imbalance.

Lime for Lawns | Testing and Diagnosing

Most lawns and turf do not thrive in heavily acidic soil because excess acid can burn and damage the root system. If left unattended, too much acid can ultimately kill the lawn, leaving only dead grass or brown earth in its wake. Testing soil before planting helps avoid the premature death of a lawn and keeps grass bright and in good condition.

In addition to lime pellets and lawn lime treatments, we at Newsom Seed provide several soil testing options and we always send the collected samples to a professional laboratory to acquire the most accurate results. Our staff can provide precise instructions on how to collect these samples or customers can use the detailed instructions and illustrations on our website to gather soil samples. No matter what, Newsom Seed is committed to helping you defeat acidic soil and grow a beautiful, vibrant lawn with lime pellets and lawn lime treatments.

Get a Handle on Your Lawn!

Newsom Seed wants your lawn to thrive! For additional assistance and more information about lime for lawns, please contact one of our representatives at 301-355-6366 today.