Earthway Spreader, Fertilizers, and Seeders

For a fast and efficient way to plant your lawn, choose an Earthway spreader or Earthway seeder from Newsom Seed. We have partnered with Earthway to offer customers the most effective lawn tools at affordable, every-day prices. When excellent coverage and good soil contact are what matter most, an Earthway seeder or mobile spreader will get the job done right every time.

Browse Newsom Seed's large selection of seeding equipment to find the right tool for your needs:

Additional Equipment Available at Newsom Seed

As a premier one-stop shop serving Maryland and beyond, Newsom Seed carries a large assortment of seeds, fertilizers, tools, equipment and seeders, all designed to cultivate grasslands regardless of their use. In addition to the renowned Earthway spreader, landscapers or home owners can find:

High-Quality Brand Name or Generic Fertilizers

The staff of Newsom Seed understands that all turf needs the right kind of fuel to thrive. We carry a wide variety of popular brand name fertilizers suitable for large landscapes and pastures or small home gardens and lawns. Our staff can also custom blend a unique fertilizer mix based on your specifications.

Why Choose Newsom Seed?

Co-owners Allen and Carrie Bohrer took over Newsom Seed in 1998 with a commitment to upholding the company's already excellent reputation. Every product available at Newsom Seed represents the finest quality in landscaping and gardening from an efficient Earthway spreader or mobile spreader to each and every bag of seed. Call our team at 301-355-6366 to set up an account today.