Futerra F4 Netless ECB

Introducing Futerra F4 Netless... a whole new way to look at blankets. Compared to its netted predecessor, it's lighter, yet loftier and more dimensionally stable-while providing even higher levels of slope protection and vegetative establishment for fine turf and environmentally sensitive applications.

With no nets or threads, F4 Netless eliminates environmental, aesthetic and maintenance concerns. Fast germination means F4 Netless excels at vegetation establishment. It bonds to soil to prevent seed migration and sediment loss for up to a year-much more effective compared to other blankets. And F4 Netless weighs much less than any other blanket on the market and installs quickly with less man-hours per square yard.

We carry F4 Netless in 2 sizes.

39" x 90' Natural Color (32-1/2 sy)

78" x 90' Natural Color (65 sy)

Green color can be purchased as a special order.

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