Grass Seed Varieties

All grass seed must have an analysis tag; be it tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, Bermudagrass seed, Zoysia and more. However, only certified seed has an additional tag. The above indicates that the seed is Oregon Certified. It is commonly referred to as "blue tag" seed. For Newsom Seed to make a Maryland Certified Sod Mix or SHA Mix, the seed must first be Oregon Certified. This guarantees the consumer of the variety of the seed in the bag and that it meets certain minimum requirements.

However, the Maryland Department of Agriculture requires more than just the seed being Oregon Certified. Before we can do a certified mix, the seed must be sampled by a representative from the Maryland Department of Agriculture. The sample is then taken to the lab at the Department of Agriculture and tested for germination and purity. If it meets their requirements, the seed is then approved to be mixed.

Below are but a few of the seed varieties we carry. The majority of all the seed we buy is certified and on the Maryland/Virginia Recommended List:

2017 Maryland/Virginia Recommended List (TT-77)

Another very important source for choosing varieties best suited for your area is the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. Directly below are links to the most current test data.

Current NTEP Reports

Tall Fescue  Kentucky Bluegrass  Perennial Ryegrass

Fineleaf Fescue  Bermudagrass

Bentgrass (Putting Green)  Bentgrass (Fairway & Tee)

Previous Recommended Lists for Maryland/Virginia (TT-77)

Tall Fescue

The varieties listed below are not always available. Please contact one of our Team Members for current information.


4th Millennium SRP -

  • Rated highest in NTEP for turfgrass quality
  • Rhizomes that enhance self repair, speeds establishment, improving traffic tolerance, and increasing recovery from damage
  • Dark color and fine leaf texture
  • Drought tolerant
  • Excellent durability under traffic
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

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Avenger II -

  • Top Rated Variety in Northeast NTEP
  • Fast Spring Green-Up
  • Proven Heritage
  • Drought and Wear tolerant with excellent brown patch resistance
  • Fine Leaf Texture
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification
  • A List

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Black Tail -

  • Top 10 for Turfgrass Quality in NTEP LPI Group 2
  • Aggressive Tillering
  • Great Brown Patch Resistance
  • Excellent Shade and Traffic Tolerance
  • Great Density During the Growing Season
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

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  • Top performer in turf trials NTEP
  • High endophyte for added stress tolerance
  • Beautiful deep green color and fine leaf texture
  • Drought and heat tolerant, disease resistant
  • #1 Top performer in traffic tolerance for sports turf
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

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Guardian 41

  • Drought tolerant, resists wilting, stays green longer and recovers rapidly with dark green gentic color
  • Superior Brown Patch resistance
  • High endophyte levels for stress tolerance and insect control
  • Excellent wear resistance and recovery
  • Superior turf quality
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

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Hot Rod

  • Top rated schedule A and rated #2 schedule B in NTEP
  • High quality in all regions NTEP
  • Top ratings in traffic tolerance
  • High Brown Patch disease resistance
  • On MD/VA recommended list for sod certification

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Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue

Kentucky 31 is an older proven variety that can be used where an economical, wear resistant, easy to establish tall fescue is desired.

Leonardo -

  • Highly ranked for overall turf quality in NTEP test
  • Dark green genetic color with medium-fine leaf texture
  • High drought and heat tolerance
  • Highly ranked for Brown Patch resistance
  • Very good summer density and excellent mowing quality
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification
  • A List

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Michaelangelo -

  • Highly ranked for overall turf quality in NTEP test
  • Dark green genetic color with medium-fine leaf texture
  • High drought and heat tolerance
  • Highly ranked for Brown Patch resistance and Brown Patch resistance
  • Highly ranked for Typhula blight resistance and top ranked for percent establishment
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification
  • A List

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Raptor III -

  • Highly rated NTEP Variety
  • Dark green genetic color with fine leaf texture
  • Outstanding turf quality
  • Improved disease resistance showing outstanding resilience to Brown Patch
  • High turf density and wear tolerant
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

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  • Excellent wear tolerance and rapid recovery
  • Unique growth habit for tall fescue
  • High Brown Patch resistance
  • Aggressive tillering and early rhizome development
  • Superior seeding vigor and rapid establishment
  • Excellent turf quality with early Spring green-up
  • A List

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  • Ranked #4 of 116 for shade tolerance
  • Ranked #5 overall for Spring green-up
  • Ranked #14 of 116 for Brown Patch resistance
  • Very good summer density
  • High drought and heat tolerance
  • A List

Tech Sheet

Saltillo -

  • Dark green cultivar with excellent summer turf performance
  • Rated high for salt tolerance and Brown Patch resistance
  • Very good heat tolerance
  • Rated for resistance to gray leaf spot, net blotch, stem rest, and crown rust
  • Adapts to a wide rance of soil types and pH
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

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  • Statistically top rated in NTEP 2007-2011 turf quality
  • High endophyte for added stress tolerance
  • Drought and heat tolerant
  • High disease tolerance
  • on MD/VA approved list for sod certification
  • Top 15 performer in traffic tolerance for sports turf

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Lateral Spread Technology™
From Mountain View Seeds

Ryegrass, Perennial & Annual Straights


MVS has developed a new class of tall fescues that through natural mechanisms like tillering and rhizome formation more aggressively establish, spread, and fill in, creating a turf of higher density particularly under stresses. These releases are coded with the LS suffix.

Tech Sheet

Firecracker LS Tall Fescue -

A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Firecracker LS has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall quality under medium fertility, traffic, and hot humid environments. It is among the finest in texture, with very uniform growth.

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Spyder LS Tall Fescue -

A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Spyder LS has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall quality under medium fertility, traffic, and shade. Tops in density under drought, its aggressive behavior crowds out weeds.

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Titanium 2LS Tall Fescue -

A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Titanium 2LS exemplifies the perfect high-quality turfgrass; it's dark green, very dense, and has excellent wear tolerance. In addition Titanium 2LS is very drought tolerant, keeping its great looking appearance late into the summer even under less-than-ideal conditions.

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Apple SGL Perennial Ryegrass

Apple SGL Perennial ryegrass is bred for resistance to gray leaf spot. Also exhibits broad spectrum disease and insect resistance. Improved tolerance to saline irrigation. Vigorous & aggressive. Cold tolerant.

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Breakout Turf Italian Ryegrass

Breakout is a great annual ryegrass with smooth transition technology to germinate quickly and not persist into summer. It has excellent turf quality and a dark green color to blend well with other grasses. Breakout is a high density turf with fine leaf texture giving it great aesthetics and playability.

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Grand Slam GLD Perennial Ryegrass

Grand Slam GLD is bred with resistance to gray leaf spot and improved drought tolerance. It offers fast establisment and high traffic tolerance.

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Stellar 3GL Perennial Ryegrass

New resistance to gray leaf spot disease. Tops in establishment and spring green-up. Excellent low cut fairway and traffic stress performance. Retains density and color throughout the season.

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Kentucky Bluegrass, Straights

Kentucky bluegrass varieties have classifications. Some of the classification types are:
Compact, Compact America, Mid-Atlantic, Julia, BVMG, Shamrock and more.
To see some of the varieties that fall into these categories, click below.

Kentucky Bluegrass Classification


Blue Coat Kentucky Bluegrass

Blue Coat is an improved variety that offers a darker green color and fine to medium leaf texture. It has exhibited high resistance to diseases. Blue Coat can handle heavy traffic and has excellent density during the growing season.

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Blue Note Kentucky Bluegrass

BlueNote is a compact America type bluegrass featuring excellent color, texture, density, and shade tolerance under normal to moderate fertility management, including lowered mowing heights. BlueNote has very good cold tolerance and better winter color than most varieties.

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Bolt Kentucky Bluegrass

Bolt jumps out of the ground faster than any other Kentucky bluegrass in the recent NTEP trials. Bolt has excellent disease resistance and is well adapted to both high and low maintenance uses. Its quick establishing ability makes it a great choice for sod farms, sports fields and home lawns.

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Fahrenheit 90 Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass

Fahrenheit 90 is a Texas hybrid that resembles Kentucky bluegrass in color, texture, density, and rhizomateous regrowth extension; but with improvements in the heat and drought tolerance that should extend bluegrass usage through the Transition zone and South. It is medium green in color, with a fine texture, and moderate growth habit. It readily establishes in most soils and aggressively fills-in to form a dense uniform turf. Fahrenheit 90 has shown good persistence in moderate shade.

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Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

Compact Midnight Type

Midnight is the strongest performing, most popular elite Kentucky bluegrass ever developed. With a dark green, compact growth habit, Midnight's unique beauty & performance have stood out in National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), private, and university trials for more than 20 years. Midnight has set the bluegrass bar since 1984 and is still the recognized standard of quality.

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Skye Kentucky Bluegrass

Skye Kentucky bluegrass is an excellent choice for sod farms, homeowners and turf professionals alike. Its reduced vertical growth habit translates into less frequent mowing, less clippings, and lower maintenance costs.

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Wild Horse Kentucky Bluegrass -

Shamrock Type

Wild Horse trounces the old workhorses! It is an excellent variety to use in bluegrass blends and for mixing with tall fescue. Characteristics include rapid germination, medium leaf texture, excellent disease resistance, aggressive & vigorous, low-mow and high tiller density.

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Riviera Bermudagrass

Riviera is an excellent choice for golf courses, sports fields, residential and commercial lawns. Riviera is first overall for winter kill resistance, spring green-up and percent spring living ground cover, good color and drought tolerance.

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Seed Research

007 is an advanced generation creeping bentgrass variety developed by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (Rutgers University) working in cooperation with Richard Hurley, Ph.D. 007 creeping bentgrass has a broad genetic base developed using twenty four parent plants, including plants identified from the varieties L-93 and Southshore. Additional clones were collected from older greens on high stress golf courses in the northeast USA. This new, improved variety is well adapted to any U.S. and overseas areas where creeping bentgrass is being utilized for golf course greens, tees and fairways.

Tech Sheet


BARRACUDA creeping bentgrass (MVS AP-101) is an advanced generation broad genetic based variety developed in cooperation with Rutgers University. Nine unique parents, the result of extensive screening programs for improved disease resistance, high shoot density, and lower input sustainability, all trace back to plants collected from old golf courses in the United States.

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Crystal Bluelinks


Crystal Bluelinks had the highest turf quality across all locations during the 2006 NTEP fairway/tee trials. It has a brilliant blue/green color. Has show good resistance to Brown Patch and Dollar Spot and has also shown good heat tolerance.

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L-93 is now gracing the greens, tees and fairways of top golf courses nationally as well as internationally. Its reputation for being dark, dense and aggressive has made it a world-renowned name in creeping bentgrass. It has fine textured leaves, dense, upright growth creating a perfect lie for a golf ball. It has excellent winter hardiness and adapts well to a wide range of mowing heights.

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A-1 performs well under a wide range of climatic conditions. It spreads by stolons and tillers, exhibiting very dense, upright growth. A-1 has a very fine leaf texture due to the dense tillering, and it exhibits moderately aggressive growth and excellent recuperative capacity. Mixing A-1 with A-4 comes highly recommended for over-seeding & putting greens.

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A-4 is dark green with fine leaf texture, exceptional heat & cold tolerance, high density, disease resistance, and aggressive growth habit. It provides a smooth, grainless putting surface. Mixing A-4 with A-1 comes highly recommended for over-seeding & putting greens.

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The standard for creeping bentgrasses since 1955 and still the most specified bentgrass for golf courses. Recovers quickly from injury and divots. Good heat and wear tolerance.

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Mountain View

Piranha is a new creeping bentgrass variety developed specifically to tolerate heat and a number of other stressors that destroy tees and greens resulting in costly repairs. In addition, Piranha has also shown excellent disease resistance to dollar spot and brown patch

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Mt. View Seeds

Shark Creeping Bentgrass is aggressive, has a bright dark green color, with high shoot density. More upright. Improved summer performance and disease resistance, particularly to dollar spot and take-all patch.

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