Fall Fertilizer for Lawns

There’s crisp bite to the air, autumnal hues paint the landscape and Saint Nick’s annual visit is just around the corner, which means its time to…. fertilize your lawn? Yes you read that right. Fall fertilizer for lawns is the fundamental last step for getting gorgeous green grass next year. It’s hard to imagine as we watch that luscious lawn turn brown when the temperature begins to drop. But, believe it or not, using a fall fertilizer will guarantee that when the spring comes, your beautiful grass will be back and better than ever.

Here at Newsom Seed we know winter lawn maintenance is just as important as summer upkeep. That’s why we offer wholesale fertilizers formulated for fall use at great prices, so you can afford to have a great year round.

Why Fertilize Your Lawn In The Fall?

Fall fertilizer may seem like a waste of time and money, why fertilize something that is going to die out anyway? A question we get quite a bit around here. To help you understand the importance, we provide you with several reasons you should fertilize in the fall:

Timing, like most things in life, is everything. So when exactly is the best time to sprinkle that fall fertilizer?

Our experts say the absolute best time for fall fertilizer is from the end of October thru beginning of November. We suggest this seemingly strange time because the temperature has started to drop, but not quite cold enough for that first frost

Call Newsom Seed to talk to a lawn and grass expert to get help determining which fall fertilizer is best for your yard. We are proud to be able to provide special perks, like mixing custom fertilizers, for our valued customers. Call 1-800-553-2719 to discover what we can do for your lawn all year round.