Insect Control for Lawns

It’s one of those perfect summer evenings where the weather is just right. The family is together, the grill fired up, the kids laughing and tumbling around in the yard. Everything is just as it should be right? The most common, and preventable, thing that could quickly ruin this idyllic picture is the out of control insects flying about attempting to overrun and damage your food, lawn and family. Reclaim your lawn from insects! To help save your yard, Newsom Seed offers a wide selection of lawn insect control products that get rid of pests quickly.

As most of our clients have told us, they want to enjoy their yards without having to worry about the safety and health of their kids and pets. However, controlling insects in your lawn is sometimes easier said than done, especially in Maryland’s hot and sticky summers.

Why Should I Use An Insect Control For Lawns?

Deciding On The Method:

Don’t let out of control pests rob you of the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Create your outdoor memories today with a little help from Newsom Seed’s insect control for lawns. Call the premier lawn keepers at 1-800-553-2719 to see how we can help keep your lawn free of insects. Keep your family and grass healthy and happy this summer!