L-93 Bentgrass Seed Fertilizer Wholesale Bulk

If you're in need of unique selections of grass seed, such as bulk L-93 bentgrass seed fertilizer, put your trust in Newsom Seed. Our company was purchased in 1998 from J. Strickland Newsom, who was known for providing high quality grass seed, fertilizer and pesticide selections. We have continued on with this tradition, offering new products and competitive prices that keep us in the running as one of the largest seed blending facilities located off the East Coast.

Here at Newsom Seed, we carry a large stock of inventory, including Kentucky bluegrass, bermudagrass and wholesale L-93 bentgrass seed. In addition to our selection of grass seed varieties, we also provide customized grass seed mixtures in order to meet the demands of our customers. We use state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to clean and mix the seeds, keeping consistent with our quality products. Our bulk L-93 bentgrass seed fertilizer is sold in 50 pound to 1,000 pound bags, making it convenient for sod farms, putting greens or alongside highways.

Our L-93 bentgrass seed wholesale remains a popular buy, but we can also customize fertilizer selections in order to reach a certain analysis. If you're in need of pesticides, we carry a large selection of products that include both name brand and generic options. Our generic products are guaranteed to work just as well as their name brand alternatives, while saving money over time.

With Newsom Seed's affordable prices and committed team of customer service, our customers keep coming back for more wholesale L-93 bentgrass seed! If there's something that we don't carry, be sure to talk to one of our customer service representatives, as we strive to be a one-stop shopping source for all things seed-related. You can also feel confident knowing that you're getting quality bulk L-93 bentgrass seed fertilizer that has been pre-sampled and tested before being sold, as indicated by our certification tags.