Lawn Weed Killers

Are you like so many others who have tried lawn weed killers in the past with no success? Frustrated by the lack of actual green that exists? Try as you may, if flourishing green grass is still evading you then consider calling the pros at Newsom Seed. We’re pleased to call ourselves one of Maryland’s most trusted suppliers of wholesale grasses, fertilizers and products designed to kill weeds.

Use Our Products To Kill Lawn Weeds

In order to first attain, and then maintain a healthy lawn, we suggest starting with good foundation. Yes, that does mean ridding your lawn of weeds and shrubs that suck precious water and nutrients from grass. Even if you haven’t had much luck with lawn weed killers in the past, we are certain we have one formulated just for you. Our customers are privy to:

We strive to provide quality, affordable, earth and field friendly products that everyone can use. After all, here at Newsom Seed we believe the Earth is for everyone to share and enjoy. Call us today so, together, we can get you the lawn your family has only dreamed of.