Liquid Weed Killers and Fertilizer

Are you diligent about taking proper care of your lawn? Are you doing all you can to prevent nutrient sucking weeds from taking over, but still find the pesky pests popping up? Don’t worry you aren’t alone in your quest for great grass. Nearly all lawns are plagued by weeds at some point or another, but why is that some look ravaged by weeds and others show no trace. The ones with luscious lawns know where to get the best liquid weed killers and fertilizer. For decades, MD residents have been choosing Newsom Seed as the one-stop shop for all their liquid weed fertilizer needs.

How to most effectively kill weeds:

As you surely know, there is an abundance of commercial lawn weed killers flooding the marketplace today, which proves to be more than overwhelming. Before you grab the first one off the shelf out of frustration, there are some important things to know.

Next time you have a question about which formula, how to apply, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your liquid weed fertilizer designed to rid your grass of weeds call the experts at Newsom Seed. We have studied what works and which particular formulas work best in which scenarios. Call 1-800-553-2719 to get on your way to the greenest and healthiest grass you’ve only been able to lust after in other people’s yards.