New Jersey Grass Seed Fertilizers Pesticides Wholesale Bulk New Jersey

Newsom Seed is your one-stop source for New Jersey grass seed and related products. Since 1998, owners Allen and Carrie Bohrer have carried on the excellent, personalized customer service upon which the original owner, J. Strickland Newsom, prided himself. We specialize in customizable blends of bulk grass seed, wholesale grass pesticides, and bulk grass fertilizers in New Jersey, and we can ship them straight to you!

One of our leading mixes of bulk grass seed in New Jersey is the Newsom Temp / Perm mix. This mix came about after years of listening to our customer's requests for a longer-lasting temporary New Jersey grass seed mix. Its 25% tall fescue component provides endurance to an already versatile temporary mix, and it can be sowed at 100 to 200 pounds per acre.

We offer a huge variety of other products besides New Jersey grass seed. For years we've been providing wholesale grass pesticides to New Jersey customers, including our Sevin brand equivalent Carbaryl 4L, which provides broad control of dozens of pests, whether in trees, crops, or turf. We carry insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators and stimulants, and much more. We also offer bulk grass fertilizers in New Jersey. We carry almost any popular fertilizer blend you could think of, as well as fertilizers with pre- and post-emergent elements or insecticides.

When you buy your New Jersey grass seed, fertilizers, and wholesale pesticides in bulk from Newsom Seed, you'll be getting the exact combination of customized products to suit your needs, and you'll enjoy amazing savings over non-bulk prices. Contact our warehouse so we can start serving you today!