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Newsom Seed offers you one solution for all your New York grass seed, fertilizer, and pesticide needs. Allen and Carrie Bohrer acquired the business from its founder, J. Strickland Newsom, in 1998, and have continued his tradition of outstanding and personalized customer service ever since. We are expert providers of bulk grass seed, pesticides, and wholesale grass fertilizers in New York, and we'll ship our products wherever you need them!

Our Newsom Tall Fescue Blend is among our best-selling blends of wholesale grass seed for New York customers. With 3 varieties of fescue, this mix remains green during the summer, holds up well during drought and heat spells, and can tolerate a good bit of shade. The varieties are all improved and locally adapted, with narrow blades, and you can sow this excellent New York grass seed at 7 to 8 pounds per 1000 square feet.

We're also your best source for bulk grass pesticides in New York. Try our herbicide 4-SPEED XT, an economical equivalent to the brand Speed Zone. It's the perfect product for super quick, post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds on all kinds of turf, from sporting fields, to ornamental lawns, to native grass areas. Sold in quart, gallon, or 2.5 gallon jugs, it contains the fast-acting ingredients Pyrafluen, Dicamba, Triclopyr, 4-D, and 2. We also offer many other herbicides, as well as fungicides, insecticides, and pond chemicals, not to mention a huge selection of wholesale grass fertilizers to New York customers.

Call or email us and let Newsom Seed start solving your New York grass seed, pesticide, and fertilizer needs today. We'll get you suitable, fully customizable products that meet your needs, and we'll also save you lots through our wholesale prices! Get in touch with us today.