Slow Release Fertilizer

It’s your inner frustrated gardener’s dream come true! Slow release fertilizer simplifies and streamlines the art of gardening. Newsom Seed, the foremost choice for wholesale lawn and grass products, has the best slow release fertilizer for Maryland’s unique soil composition.

Why Use A Slow Release Fertilizer?

Benefits abound for your lawn when using nutrient rich, natural and easy to use slow release fertilizer. Although we love getting down and dirty doing yard work, we understand that not everyone else does. In fact, most people prefer a more hands off approach, which is why this great product may be for you!

The old saying that the more fertilizer used, the better results you get, does not always hold true. Rather, you’ll end up with excessive growth, and a host of problems resulting from using too much slow release lawn fertilizer. Plus, you could also increase the chances of your lawn getting diseases! Don’t worry! We will walk you through everything you need to know as to ensure this doesn’t happen to your grass.

Newsom Seed is here to get you the grass that will make your neighbors turn green with envy. And the best part for you? You don’t have to put in too much work to make it happen. We will even tailor a customized slow release lawn fertilizer blended just for you!

Don't wait until next year to have a spectacular lush green scene! Call the leaders in lawn care at 1-800-553-2719 to find the slow release fertilizer created just for you. We know how to bring out the green in everybody.