Liquid Fertilizers



Apex 10 is an all-natural product derived from highly humified peat sources. These peat sources are significantly more bioactive than lignite or leonardite and as a result, Apex 10 will; reduce fertilizer needs up to 66%, Irrigation needs up to 30%, allow soils to retain a higher level of nutrients and allow plants and turf to be more tolerant to stress and drought.

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Green Fee 15-0-0

Green Fee, 15-0-0, 6% Fe

Green Fee, an amine compatible formulation of essential iron, sulfur and nitrogen for the treatment of off color or chlorotic turf due to iron deficiency. It contains a proprietary combination of citric, fulvic, and other organic acid chelates to stabilize each nutrient and to enhance its uptake and translocation in the plant. Green Fee 15-0-0 is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers.

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Water Soluble Fertilizers

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14-14-14 Woodace    40 lb. bag
20-20-20, Bulldog Multi-Purpose    25 lb. bag
25-0-25     25 lb. bag
28-8-18, Bulldog Bentgrass Plus(S/O)    25 lb. bag

Sprayable Nutrients

0-0-50, Sulphate of Potash (SOP) 50lb. bag
21-0-0, Ammonium Sulfate 50lb. bag
46-0-0, Urea (prilled) 50lb. bag
Iron (Ferrous Sulfate), sprayable 30% Fe 50 lb. bag S/O

"S/O" signifies "Special Order"