Starter Fertilizer

Everyone wants a great looking yard with fresh, green grass and bright flowers to enjoy all summer long right? But, every summer do you instead find that you’ve diligently watered, mowed and even started fertilizing a few years ago, much to no avail? Let us here at Newsom Seed, Maryland’s most knowledgeable and friendly wholesale supplier of starter lawn fertilizer needs in the state help you!

Our experts will get you on your way to discovering your very own inner green thumb in no time. We will present you with a great Newsom Seed starter fertilizer to help bring brown grass back to life, while being safe for children and pets too!

How Newsom Seed’s Starter Lawn fertilizer works:

Long, harsh MD winters, in conjunction with the blazing hot summers, leave lawns lacking the nutrients they desperately need for proper growth and maintaining health. The most surefire way to make get your grass everything it needs is through starter lawn fertilizer because:

Starter Fertilizer gives grass the extra oomph its needs!

Before you roll your eyes and say you know that using a starter lawn fertilizer is a given, let us tell you why. A lot of our clients know the importance of starting a fertilizer treatment, but don’t truly know why:

Trust us, those envy-igniting lush lawns are not as easy to obtain as they look. In fact, they are far from being the result of an accident or some quick fix. The lawn of your dreams can now be a reality with our premium starter fertilizer and a little loving care. Don’t worry, directions for both provided by us!