Sun and Shade, Which Seeds Need Which?

When you shop with Newsom Seed, you will notice that most of our product is marked specifically for use in sun and shade. For a healthy, attractive lawn, it is important to accurately follow the instructions for each of our seed mixes.

When you shop with us, we give you a detailed and accurate set of instructions about sun and shade grass seed and what different conditions, temperatures and locations our products will thrive in. Our products are formulated to best fit the conditions of the Mid-Atlantic and can withstand the variations in climate. We have the best seeds available for both sun and shade areas.

Seeding Sun and Shade: Best Sunny Seed Mix

Newsom Premium Mix: This is the most popular premium mix available and can tolerate summer conditions including heat and drought.

Seeding Sun and Shade: Best Shady Seed Mix

Our Mid-Atlantic area experiences a good amount of both sun and shade. Don't get stuck with a grass seed that doesn't work for your particular project. Consult with the professionals at Newsom to find the best sun and shade grass seed available in the region.