Techniques for Overseeding a Lawn

Have you ever wondered what overseeding a lawn means? And have you wondered if overseeding is something you should do for your own lawn? If you said yes, read on because Newsom Seed wants to educate you about the benefits and techniques of proper lawn overseeding and fall overseeding.

Why is Overseeding a Lawn Beneficial?

The short answer is lawn overseeding keeps grass youthful, but this answer can lead to more questions so here's the whole story. Lawns look amazing the first time they grow full and lush, but as the seasons pass, grass begins to mature just as people do. After years of growth, the reproductive rate of mature grass slows and less new grass grows to replace mature grass. This means it becomes difficult for new shoots of grass to stay ahead of the death rate of older grass, leading to barren patches of lawn. Overseeding, sometimes known as fall overseeding, is the easiest and most cost-effective way to stay ahead of grass dieback because fresh, young grass is there to fill in for mature grass as it dies off.

Techniques for Overseeding a Lawn

The first step in fall overseeding is determining the best time to spread seeds. For basic lawn renovation, most people overseed early in the spring before it gets too hot. In warm summer climates, overseeding works best in the fall to keep grass vibrant in the winter. Once you've decided when to perform lawn overseeding, follow these techniques and tips to ensure good results:

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