Organic Fertilizer

Do you enjoying spending your warm, lazy summer nights outside grilling with family and playing in the yard with your kids and pets? Of course you do! However, if you’re like nearly all of our customers, then you’re wary of the pesticides and other toxic ingredients found in lawn products like fertilizer. Newsom Seed, the most trusted source for all Maryland’s wholesale grass and garden needs, offers organic lawn fertilizer that will keep your family safe and grass gorgeous!

The hesitations, although valid, seem to carry less weight when considering the benefits that abound from using an organic lawn fertilizer. Before you just write off using a fertilizer altogether, we are here to provide you with information about the benefits of using an organic fertilizer.

Benefits of using Newsom Seed’s organic fertilizer

Just a word of caution! Don’t think that just because the bottle says organic that is actually the type of organic lawn fertilizer you’re needing. Call 1-800-553-2719 to speak to an expert at Newsom Seed to get answers and solutions to all your questions. Our business is helping, so let us help you keep your family safe and yard its best!