The Best Seeders Available

For the most professional application of grass seed purchased from Newsom Seed, it is recommended that you purchase or rent professional-grade seeders for your project. Newsom Seed specializes in providing small to mid-sized grass seeders that are perfect for use on your home lawn, garden or athletic fields.

Earthway Seeders from Newsom Seed

At Newsom Seed, we specialize in selling seeders made by the Earthway company. These top-of-the-line seeders and spreaders feature commercial quality parts that are capable of tackling the toughest of projects, but are the perfect size for storage in your garage.

Come View Our Selection of Earthway Seeders

If you have any questions about what type of grass seeders or spreader you need for your project, visit the Newsom website or give us a call at 301.355.6366. Our professional staff of lawn seed and lawn-care experts will gladly help you find the perfect seeders that meet your needs, now matter how large or small your project is.