Virginia Grass Seed Fertilizers Pesticides Wholesale Bulk Virginia

Newsom Seed is dedicated to providing customers with high quality seed mixes, fertilizers and pesticides. Our Virginia grass seed uses state of the art machinery and equipment, which cleans and mixes the seeds. We carry a large stock of inventory that includes bermudagrass, tall fescue blends and Kentucky bluegrass, as well as hybrid bluegrass that provides excellent heat tolerance. Besides our wholesale grass seed in Virginia, we also custom mix and blend any fertilizer or grass seed in order to meet our customers' specifications.

Newsom Seed was purchased in 1998 from J. Strickland Newsom, with the notion that the company would continue in Mr. Newsom's path, offering the same customer service and quality products. Not only do our grass seed mixes have an analysis tag used for identification purposes, but they have an additional tag that shows the seeds are certified. Besides our Virginia grass seed varieties, we also stock wholesale grass fertilizers in Virginia. We offer many different types of fertilizers and can also custom mix components to make a fertilizer that has a particular analysis.

Our bulk grass pesticides in Virginia are also a large portion of our business and we have extended our product line to include a variety of name brand and generic pesticide products. Our generics are just as good as our name brand products, if not better, and come at a more affordable price. Being one of the largest seed blending facilities along the East Coast, we recognize that our customers depend on our wholesale grass fertilizers in Virginia to be consistent, reliable and economical. Our convenient grass seed mixes come in 50 pound bags, as well as larger 1,000 pound bags that are intended for bulk customers. We can also ship Newsom Seed Virginia grass seed to your facility for convenience and quality at your fingertips.