Weeping Love Grass Seed Fertilizer Wholesale Bulk Weeping Love Grass Seed

Newsom Seed has been producing high quality grass seed mixes for many years and in 1998, we purchased the company from J. Strickland Newsom. We promised to continue his same tradition of selling quality grass seed, fertilizers and pesticides, including bulk weeping love grass seed fertilizer. Our selections are sold in 50 pound or 1,000 pound bags, with the larger bags being perfect for sod farms or alongside highways.

Other popular selections include perennial ryegrass, bentgrass and Kentucky bluegrass, each with its own unique composition. With our diverse group of customers, we not only carry a large stock of grass seed varieties, but we also make custom mixes. We use advanced machinery and equipment to clean and mix the seeds, delivering a custom mix based on your own specifications.

Our weeping love grass seed wholesale carries two tags; an analysis tag and a certification tag. Most of our grass seed selections have a certification tag, indicating that it has been certified and meets the minimum requirements. Not only do we sell bulk weeping love grass seed fertilizer, but we also sell a large variety of pesticides. We recently expanded our line to include both name brand and generic options. We are so pleased with the new generic additions that they are guaranteed to work just as well or better than the name brand pesticides. This also makes it easier for our wholesale customers to save money, keeping our prices competitive on all wholesale weeping love grass seed selections.

Newsom Seed remains one of the largest seed blending facilities off the East Coast and we continue to perfect our products and offer new fertilizers and pesticides. With our affordable prices, selection of bulk weeping love grass seed fertilizer and competitive shipping offers, it's no wonder why so many customers use Newsom Seed to bring their greenery to life.