Wholesale Fertilizer Companies Company Maryland

Newsom Seed is one of the top wholesale fertilizer companies in Maryland, operating on state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that is used to clean and mix seeds and fertilizers. We carry a large stock of inventory that includes bermudagrass, bentgrass and perennial ryegrass, and we also custom mix seed mixtures based on our customers' preferences. With our high-tech machinery and customized orders, our company remains one of the leading seed blending facilities on the East Coast.

Newsom Seed was purchased from J. Strickland Newsom in 1998. We wanted to carry on with the same tradition of providing quality grass seed, fertilizers and pesticides to our customers. Our Maryland wholesale fertilizer company has all of our seed selections pre-sampled and tested before being sold. Each one is labeled with an analysis tag, and most have an additional certification tag that lets our customers know the mixtures meet the minimum requirements.

What sets Newsom Seed apart from other wholesale fertilizer companies in Maryland is that we are committed to being a one-stop shopping experience, offering a wide range of products and price ranges. Our full line of pesticides for example, includes both name brand and generic selections, with new alternatives being offered on a regular basis. We stand by our inventory, and if there is a product that we don't carry, we can try and get it for you!

Grass seed, fertilizers and pesticides are most popular at our Maryland wholesale fertilizer company, but we also carry erosion control blankets, turface, hydroseeding equipment and hybrid bluegrass, which is known for its heat tolerance. Newsom Seed is different than other wholesale fertilizer companies in Maryland, in that we combine our quality seed and fertilizer mixtures with the pride and dedication that Mr. Newsom brought to his company. With convenient shipping options and bagging selections, anyone can take advantage of our superior grass seed, fertilizers and pesticides.