Wholesale Grass Seed Fertilizer Pesticides Mixes

At Newsom Seed, we offer you an unbelievable selection of grass seed, pesticides, and fertilizer at wholesale prices. What's more, our wholesale grass seed mixes and related products are fully customizable—we can create mixes and blends to your specifications. We'll even ship our products to you! That's because owners Allen and Carrie Bohrer are committed to company founder J. Strickland's legacy of superior satisfaction, convenience, and savings in grass seed products.

Check out our Newsom Trio Mix, the most popular of our seed mixes. Its composition of 80% tall fescue, 10% perennial ryegrass, and 10% Kentucky bluegrass form the perfect combination. The tall fescues will wear heat and drought, tolerate a good amount of shade, and stay green all summer. Perennial ryegrass serves to control erosion as the turf is becoming established, while Kentucky bluegrass repairs damage caused by disease or traffic and is a great mix complement. These components are all locally adapted, improved, narrow blade varieties and quite pleasant in appearance.

In addition to our wholesale grass seed mixes, we also offer a huge variety of wholesale pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Our Armada 50 WP fungicide contains a mixture of two of the best fungicides on the market. It's sold in packages of 4 packs of 3 ounces, each of which covers about 10,000 square feet. This excellent and long-lasting fungicide is available to you through us wholesale, along with countless other great control products. We also carry wholesale grass fertilizer, hydroseeding supplies, erosion control blankets, and much more!

Contact Newsom Seed by phone or email, and we'll supply you the perfect wholesale grass seed mixes for your needs, as well as any wholesale grass fertilizer or pesticide you could want. We take great pride in supplying and formulating products to your specifications. Let us start serving you today!