Wholesale Grass Seed Companies Company Maryland

Don't settle for just any wholesale grass seed companies in Maryland – only Newsom Seed uses top-of-the-line machinery and equipment to clean and mix grass seed and fertilizers. We carry a large stock of inventory that includes bentgrass, bermuda grass and perennial ryegrass, and we also customize grass seed mixtures to meet the individual specifications of our customers. With our high quality seed mixtures and high-tech equipment, Newsom Seed is one of the leading blending seed facilities on the East Coast.

In 1998, Allen and Carrie Bohrer purchased Newsom Seed from J. Strickland Newsom with the intention of carrying on Mr. Newsom's tradition of selling high quality seed mixtures marked by pride and dedication. This idea still lives on in our Maryland wholesale grass seed company, and we continue to expand our customer base around the nation, especially with our convenient shipping options. Our customer base includes golf courses, sod farms and Maryland state highways. To meet the needs of our diverse group of customers, we stand ahead of other wholesale grass seed companies in Maryland by offering unique grass seed fertilizers that are sold in convenient 50 pound to 1,000 pound bags.

Here at Newsom Seed, we strive to be a one-stop shopping experience for our customers, which is why we offer a full range of products compared to other wholesale grass seed companies in Maryland. Hydroseeding supplies, erosion control blankets and turface are a few other products we carry, in addition to our extensive line of name brand and generic pesticide products. Our prices are competitive without compromising the quality and purity of our ingredients, which is why we're the first choice for large facilities. Most of the seeds that come from our Maryland wholesale grass seed company have an additional certification tag that indicates the quality of the seed mixture.